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Athlete Spotlight: Shannon Hartledge

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Name: Shannon Hartledge

Age: 25

Occupation: Regional Manager/Buyer for Hollywood Feed

Favorite WOD: Helen

Favorite lift: Front Squat

Favorite cheat meal: Hershey’s chocolate bar with peanut butter and marshmallows

Athletic background: hunter/jumper horseback riding (yes it is a sport) basketball, soccer, swimming (my one true love), triathlons, volleyball, white water kayaking, and outrigger rowing

Hobbies/interests: horses, anything outdoors,( camping, hiking, rock climbing/repelling, laying out in an open field with no other noises other than nature)

Tell us a little about your experience with Olive Branch CrossFit:

I am diabetic and have been for ten years.  In high school I was doing swimming, triathlons, basketball, volleyball, cross country, and outrigger rowing.  When I became diagnosed with diabetes I had been sick for weeks before being diagnosed and lost all of my energy, muscle and weight.  Never did I go back to my normal activities.  For the last few years I have done white water kayaking, a LITTLE running and riding my horses. I never got back to the energy or muscle and stamina I had before my diagnosis.  I felt as if I had peaked. When running I was not able to run a 5k faster than 35 min.  Where my fastest time was 26 min.  I never wanted to get back to my teenage fitness level, but I wanted to do as best I can, and seeing no improvement on my running I felt defeated.
Almost three months ago I started crossfit with Olive Branch Crossfit.  After two weeks of three times per week classes I already noticed a difference in my energy levels at home.  Being a mom of a toddler and four dogs this is great!  I have energy to take all four dogs and kid out on a walk and be able to enjoy my little family beyond my own home. Being able to have energy to play with your own family is wonderful and I feel I am a better mom (to my son and dogs) for it. I have noticed improvements in my horse back riding, and best of all my running. I don’t feel as if I am going to die at any point on my run and actually keep my same pace through the whole run.
My diabetes was never out of control I always took care of it. I did not expect to see much change with it, I took the normal 4 injections per day (1 long acting injection per day and 1 short acting injection per meal). After one month of crossfit my dr and I had decreased my insulin intake by half.  I began taking half the amount of insulin I had been before each meal, and half the amount of my long acting insulin that I took once per day on top of each meal injection. Now I only take one injection per day.  I no longer have to take an injection before each meal.  I just rely on my long acting insulin throughout the day.  My dr and I are both thrilled with this.
CrossFit has helped me realize I have not hit my peak yet and that I can still strive to be better. I plan on getting back to my teenage fitness level and then go beyond that. I want to be my best so I can play with my son for as long as possible and set the example for him, that only you can put limitations on yourself.

What is your next big goal? To be able to do real pull ups 🙂


What is your favorite thing about Olive Branch CrossFit? The family feel

Have any advice to new members? It really is a judgment free zone, do not feel intimidated by the people who are advanced. We all started at the same level at one time.

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