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Athlete Spotlight: Wilson Horrell

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Name: Wilson Horrell

Wilson on the left after the Wades Big Adventure Race!

Age: 38

Occupation: Weed Control & Fertilization

Favorite WOD: None of them, until I’m finished….then I like all of them.

Favorite lift: Push Press

Favorite cheat meal: Cheap, greasy, gas station food

Athletic background: High School Football followed by 20 years of ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

Hobbies/interests: I’m up for any of it. If it involves good people, and minimal possibility of long-term jail time, than I am game. I’m just enjoying living.

How did you find Olive Branch CrossFit and how long how you been involved? I had heard a friend talk about it for years and thought it was incredibly stupid, primarily because it involved exercise, but I was in DESPERATE need of a lifestyle change, so I googled Olive Branch CrossFit and just showed up. I have been involved for about a year and a half.

How has CrossFit changed your life? I’m not sure I can think of a way it has NOT. Most of what I enjoy today is either because of a relationship formed through CrossFit, a hobby taught to me by CrossFit, or energy given to me by CrossFit. The people at Olive Branch CrossFit are really into squeezing as much out of life as possible, so there is always some kind of event or get together. It’s a very inclusive atmosphere, so my kids run around with the other kids, and the members are always having birthday parties, getting together for drinks, dinner, or some kind of activity. These people are fanatical about everything. They workout big, play big, eat big, drink big, love big….like I said, they don’t just sit around waiting for the bad report from the doctor. It is far from a group of health nuts whose ONLY goal in life is to exist in a gym, eating broccoli and talking about VO2 levels (whatever that is). They always have some kind of stupid, crazy, fun idea to keep you on your toes.

What is your biggest achievement so far and what is your next big goal? My biggest achievement is just overall outlook on life and the way in which I view myself. I was able to Deadlift 400lbs and I am signed up for a 50K race in a couple weeks, but these things that were SO important to me, have become secondary to just my overall happiness and self image, as well as gratitude for my environment and the people in my life.

What is your favorite thing about Olive Branch CrossFit? My favorite thing about Olive Branch CrossFit, without question, is the people. They are why I am here, and they are why I am successful. I go to the gym to socialize, and they just happen to exercise. If I knew that ALL I was going to be doing was working out, I would not go. I would dread, and dread, and dread. I can be open to the coaches and the members about how I feel. Just this morning I told the class that I was tired, I was gonna go through the motions, and they could kiss my a**…..and, like always, once the music started, and my blood started pumping, it was another great day at CrossFit. Very few of these people take themselves or me too seriously (thank God). We all have our good days, and bad, and we all struggle physically, personally, and professionally, at times,  to some degree, but we all want the best for each other and are willing to put ourselves aside for a little bit and focus our energy on whomever needs it the most at that particular time. Some days I just need to go to a class that I have not attended for a little while and get ribbed by some of my favorites, and give them a hard time, so they know that I still love their ugly mugs.

Have any advice to new members?

TRUST THE PROCESS. Don’t make yourself miserable by putting a bunch of unrealistic expectations on yourself. Don’t let you continue to push you around. Come to the gym and let the coaches earn their paycheck and let the members lift you up. Some days you’re the hammer, and some days you’re the nail. I told a friend during a poor workout recently, “today is not my day”, and he responded, “everyday you show up is your day….if you show up, you win. It’s your day”.

Is there anything you want to add? Can you tell us something we don’t know about you? Add something 🙂

Yes, I would like to add that signing up for the CrossFit Games last year was one of the better experiences that I have ever had. I had forgotten how much I love and need reassurance and encouragement. You owe it to yourself to jump out of your comfort zone and allow a group of people to scream, holler, and encourage you to do your best. The feeling of adrenaline and accomplishment is something that everyone deserves to experience in their lifetime. It is about to start in just a couple of weeks, and is LOADS of fun. You don’t have to know anyone there, just sign up and show up. Ask for Beefcake…I’ll holler for ya!

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