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OBCF WoD 08.04.2017

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Deadlifts (225/155)
Handstand Push-ups

Going after the benchmark workout “Diane” today. As written, the workout calls for deadlifts and handstand push-ups. However, we highly recommend if athletes don’t have goals of competing in the Open, or local competitions that they substitute a dumbbell strict press in place of kipping handstand push-ups.

For competitive athletes, these sport specific movements that will undoubtedly show up in competition, also come with more risk. For an athlete whose goal is to become a better at pickup basketball or running outside of the gym, or to just maintain a healthy lifestyle, these movements can present more risk than reward.

Our stimulus today on the barbell is to choose a weight that athletes could complete the first 21 deadlifts consecutive without a doubt. On dumbbell strict press, choose a load that allows for ~15 repetitions when fresh.

OBCF WoD 08.03.2017

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40/30 Calorie Schwinn Bike
15 Toes to Bar
12 Barbell Reverse Lunges (115/80)
9 Strict Ring Dips

Roughly once per week, we will be programming a workout that incorporates biking. As written above, the calories will be geared towards the Schwinn Airdyne Pro. Substitutes and modifications will always be listed below.

Assault Bike – 25/15 Calories per round
Row – 35/25 Calories per round
Run – 400 Meters per round

Our stimulus today with the loading today is to choose a weight that allows for 12 consecutive lunges to be completed unbroken. These are 12 total (6/side). It should be challenging, but never to the point where an athlete needs to break up the 12 repetitions due to it being too heavy.

OBCF WoD 08.02.2017

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“Power Play”
EMOM x 5
Clean Pull + Hang Power Clean + Power Clean (Video)
50% Across of estimated 1RM Clean

EMOM x 5
1 Power Clean
Climb in weight to find a Heavy Single for Day

Ascending Ladder for 7 Minutes:
1 Power Clean (155/105), 30 Double-Unders
2 Power Clean (155/105), 30 Double-Unders
3 Power Clean (155/105), 30 Double-Unders
Continue to add (1) Power Clean per round until time is called.

Goal today is to prime our athlete’s movement with the technique complex starting on the 0:00. At the 5:00-10:00, our members will have the chance to build to a heavy single on the power clean.

Note on “Heavy Single”…
A heavy is the load an athlete can move with *exceptional* form. Imagine the athlete is going to be videotaped on as a movement demo. Our goal is to have our athletes move better today, not to find a 1-rep max. Those days, to go for a max, come at another time. We don’t get better by maxing out – our technique actually tends to be the worst there. We get better today by focusing on moving our best, and that’s with a challenging, but sub-maximal load.

OBCF WoD 08.01.2017

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3 Rounds of the “Bergeron Beep Test”
50/35 Calorie Row
3 Rounds of the “Bergeron Beep Test”
50/35 Calorie Row
3 Rounds of the “Bergeron Beep Test”

1 Round of the “Bergeron Beep Test”
7 Thrusters(75/55)
7 Pull-Ups
7 Burpees

The stimulus today is light and fast.
We are looking for a thruster barbell that is, without question, unbroken on every set. In other words, a thruster weight that can be completed for 30+ repetitions unbroken when fresh.

OBCF WoD 07.31.2017

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“Randy’s on the Run”

5 Rounds:
400 Meter Run
15 Power Snatches (75/55)

The stimulus of today’s workout is with a very light barbell. A weight that the athlete could complete 21+ repetitions unbroken when rested. Inside the workout, we are looking to ensure that athletes break at most once per round. When in doubt, lighter is better here. Lighter, is harder.

Modifications for Running:
1) 200 Meter Runs per round
2) 500/400 Meter Row
3) 25/18 Calorie Assault Bike

OBCF WoD 07.27.2017

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A. 5×2 Dip Drives Climb
B. 4×2 Push Jerks Climb
C. 3×2 Split Jerks Climb
All done with running clock OTM.


For Time
2 Squat Snatches 185/125
10 Pull Ups
4 Squat Snatches 155/105
10 Pull Ups
6 Squat Snatches 135/95
10 Pull Ups
8 Squat Snatches 115/85
10 Pull Ups
10 Squat Snatches 95/65
10 Pull ups

OBCF WoD 07.24.2017

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A. EMOM x 12 – Hang Power Clean + Power Clean
Climb these sets….start w/empty BB. We will be seeing
this complex in the coming weeks and we will want to build off of
each session. Goal over each complex will be to use a slightly
heavier load across all set each week as we progress. Don’t Drop
Barbell…perform Hang clean, you can come back to the hang to
reset but once we are set the power clean needs to be TnG.
Refer back to your numbers from June 21st and July 6th


10min AMRAP
10 Deadlifts
8 Hang Power Cleans
6 Front rack Lunges
Rx 135/95