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OBCF Athlete Spotlight: Amanda Drogmiller

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Name: Amanda Drogmiller

Amanda with her final Clean and Jerk on Saturday's 15.1a
Amanda with her final Clean and Jerk on Saturday’s 15.1a

Age: 34

Occupation: Virtual Education Advisory Teacher

Favorite WOD: The one I finish 🙂

Favorite lift: Deadlift

Favorite cheat meal: Veggie Pizza

Athletic background: I played soccer most of my life but that was about it. I started running 5 years ago after my second child was born and loved it. I now run ultra’s and do triathlons.

Hobbies/interests: I love to run, lift, and crochet… interesting combo, I know 🙂

What’s your favorite color? Lime Green

What’s your favorite song/band right now? Disturbed- Indestructible- Good for heavy lifting and fast running!

How did you find CrossFit and how long how you been involved? I signed up for Von’s running clinic and many of those that were there went to OBCF. I immediately thought every one of them were crazy and had to be hard core, intimidating, in your face lifters but I found that they were so down to earth! I instantly hit it off with each and every one of them and decided to try this crazy thing they called CrossFit. I have been going for 8 months now!

How has CrossFit changed your life? Right before I decided to try CrossFit I found out that I had an autoimmune disorder. It caused balance issues, lots of nerve pain, and speech problems. I was beyond depressed and didn’t feel as though I would ever be “me” again. I asked Von if CrossFit was even for someone like me and he said “Just show up and try it.” From the moment I walked through the door, my illness did not define me and I started gaining the confidence that I had lost. OBCF has literally saved my sanity on many occasions. The support that I have gotten from the coaches and fellow members has been unexplainable.

What is your biggest achievement so far and what is your next big goal? I was finally able to string together 15 double unders, deadlift 225 pounds, and get a strict pull up. My next big goal is the same as it has always been… Show up and be a positive presence for those around me.

What is your favorite thing about Olive Branch CrossFit? The awesome members and coaches!

Have any advice to new members? An awesome coach once said this to me and continues to say this.. “Fall down 6 times.. get up 7.” The best thing you can do for yourself is to show up, give it your all, and be happy with yourself. Don’t compare your journey to anyone else’s. Enjoy the moment! And don’t ever look Wilson in the eyes 😉

Is there anything you want to add? Can you tell us something we don’t know about you? I once shaved my head to raise money for cancer and it was one of the best experiences that I have ever been apart of.

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