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OBCF WoD 01.13.2016

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Warm Up/Mobility
DU Practice x 2 min
Shoulder Flexion/External Rotation ( x 1 min/side
Ankle Flexion – knee to rack/wall x 1 min/side
2 rounds of:
Box Step Ups x 5/leg
KB Cleans x 5/arm
KB Snatch x 5/arm
KBS Instruction – focus on hip drive to generate power
 Bump Jump 15min AMRAP
12 Box Jumps 30/24
9 KBS 70/53
60 Double Unders
A. 3×5 Unbroken Power Cleans 155/115
B. 4×10 Unbroken Hang Power Snatch
***both A and B are for Time. Rest as little
as possible between sets. If Broken set
doesn’t count. Scale weight if needed.
Rest 5min between A and B

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