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OBCF WoD 01.19.2016

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Warm Up/Mobility
Ankle Flexion – knee to rack/wall x 1 min/side
Couch Stretch x 1 min/side
Squat Hold x 2 min
2 Rounds of:
Burpees x 5
Cossak Squats w/ 2 sec hold at bottom x 5
Inch Worms w/ Push Ups x 5
Leg Swings – Back x 10/leg
Leg Swings – Front x 10/leg
Leg Swings – Side to Side x 10/leg
Metcon  “Cattywampus”
Tabata Tuesday
Pull Ups
Push Ups
Air Squats
Row for Cals
Complete full tabata of each movement
before moving to the next movement.
8 rounds of 20s work and 10s rest of each.
Rest 1 min between movements

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