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Olive Branch CrossFit Grand Re-Opening

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13237665_10153413484115793_2888108923696377521_nI’ve had a lot of questions about the OBCF Grand Re-Opening coming up on August the 27th so I thought I would go ahead and give you a little more inside information on why we’re having a “Grand Re-Opening” and invite you to come out and join us for an awesome day.

Running a CrossFit Gym is HARD work.  So many people think it’s just about writing a workout up on a whiteboard every day, collecting $150/month from clients and going home and doing whatever they want to do at the end of the day.  It’s not like that.  If you run a CrossFit gym by yourself, you are a Coach, a Janitor, a Bookkeeper, a Mentor, a Leader, an Operations Manager, an Internet Marketer, a Website Builder, and on and on and on.  If you want to run a legit gym, you just can’t do it by yourself.  You need a team.  You need Coaches, you need people that are good with money, you need a nerd that can run your marketing and internet stuff, you need people to organize events, you need people you can trust to help you run your business.  Because ultimately that’s what it is, a Business.

Our gym has been open for about 3 years now.  If you’ve been around, you know that there have been a LOT of ups and downs, and a LOT of crazy things have happened over those three years.  Athletes have come and gone, coaches have come and gone, businessy things have happened, there are CrossFit gyms on every corner nowadays.  BUT…there is something VERY special that has kept our gym going through everything.  Our very special Community.  There’s not another one like it.  We are a very special and unique community.  A community of about 70-ish folks that support each other and show up in the gym every day to encourage others and to get better.

Our awesome community deserves to grow and our awesome community deserves the best.

When I heard my friends Lynn and Brittney were going to open a gym, I immediately thought that we should join forces.  It would be perfect.  Just what our OBCF community needed, new team members to help us grow and become even more awesome than we have been.  We talked, and we all agreed.  We should join forces.  So we did.

We’ve made a TON of changes over the last couple of weeks.  We’ve added a ton of equipment, and we’re not done yet.  We have a lot of work to do.  Once we are done, we’re gonna have a “Grand Re-Opening” so that everyone can come out and see all of the new changes at our facility and interact with all of our coaches.  The Grand Re-Opening is on August the 27th, and you can follow the event on Facebook here:

If you aren’t on Facebook, and want to know more just shoot me an email at and I’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

Here’s to the future,



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