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Olive Branch CrossFit WoD – 11.25.2019

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“There is only one success–to be able to spend your life in your own way.”

~ Christopher Morley

Heads up: December is going to be “Bring a Friend Month.” We always love having new people come workout with us.So if you know one of our members or you are a member and have a friend you want to come soak up the OBCF Experience, then start hitting them up! See you December 2nd!


4 sets
12 GHD Back Ext
8/8 1+1/4 Split Squat @ 50/35
Rest 1:30


For Time
30 DB Deadlifts @ 50/35
30/20 Cal Bike
30 DB Box Step Ups @ 24/20
30/20 Cal Bike
30 DB Deadlifts

Cap 12:00

Optional Work

4 Sets
8 Seated Arnold Presses
20 Straight Arm Plate Raises
Rest 90 secs
*Use a weight that is Challenging