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Resolution Solution Fitness Challenge!

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aprilWe’ve come up with a GREAT way for you to start the New Year off right, and get yourself on the right track with your fitness and nutrition!  The Olive Branch CrossFit New Year’s Resolution Solution is the perfect way for you to get into a great gym and a great fitness program!  The challenge is going to last two months through January and February and is open to members of Olive Branch CrossFit as well as non-members.  Here is what you get when you sign up for the challenge:

  • Access to all regular CrossFit classes
  • A Resolution Solution T-Shirt
  • A WoD Book/Journal
  • A Nutrition Plan
  • Pre-Challenge Meeting at the Gym
  • Post Challenge Party at the Gym

The winner of the Resolution Solution will receive a 6 month membership to Olive Branch CrossFit!! This is a $900.00 value!

So how do you win?  The challenge works like this:  Everyone starts with 100 points.  You earn points for coming to the gym and training, eating right, doing “homework” that we’ll give you, and you’ll lose points for eating bad.  You’ll log your meals, homework and points everyday on a website that is just for those who are participating in the challenge.  If you are not currently an Olive Branch CrossFit member, you will get access to our coaches, workouts and all of the other benefits that our members have for 2 months!

So, how much does this thing cost?  For current members, it’s $50.00.  For those who are not current members the cost is $299.00.  This is a great value for all that you get with this package!  If you want to purchase this for someone for Christmas, we’ll give you a special card that you can give them on Christmas Day.  Ready to sign up?  If you are not currently a member of Olive Branch CrossFit, click the sign up button below and under “New Years Special” choose the “Resolution Solution Classes and Fitness” program.



If you are currently a member of Olive Branch CrossFit, and want to sign up for this awesome challenge, click here to sign up—————>Member Sign Up!

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