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Edward Frankish

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Name: Edward Frankish
Phone: (702) 758-4988
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How Did you hear: Google
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I was just running a few reporting tests on your website and was able to retrieve data that showed there’s a lot of additional web traffic your site can get by making sure that you’re ranking higher in search engines like Google and Bing. There are issues prevent your website from being more profitable than it should be. I can fix those for you.

I’m an expert in making sure your business shows up at the top of search engine results so your potential clients would find your business with ease (which can result to more sales). The search engine optimization that I do can really make your website more profitable for your company, all for a cheap cost! I’d like to give you a complimentary consultation so that I can show you all of the data about your website’s potential.

Please write back to let me know when is the best time for us to have the call. Talk to you soon!

Edward Fleetwood
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