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User Comments: Tired of Waiting on the IRS? is providing ERC Funding

We are expanding our programs to help companies pull forward credits that they are due from the IRS.

-Minimum Credit Size: $500,000
-Underwriting Time: Between 2-3 weeks typically


-Business must be able to have the ERC carved out from senior lenders
-All business and personal taxes must be current
-No outstanding litigation
-If a company needs to first qualify the credits, we have affiliated with a CPA led firm who can provide an analysis without any upfront fees. is connected with direct lenders and consulting firms specializing in:

-Accounts Receivable Financing
-SBA 7a Term Loans
-Non-SBA Term Loans
-Asset Based Lending

We can help you find the perfect partner for a bank looking to help an existing client, non-bank lenders looking to put on additional business, consultants looking for debt financing for a customer, and other intermediaries.

Have a great day,
The Fast Capital Advisors Team

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