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Jan Burgess

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Name: Jan Burgess
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Have you tried to search for keywords relevant to your products/services? Does your website appear on the first page of Google search results?

I ran some SEO reporting tests on your site to see if Google and the other major search engines are able to pickup keywords that make your website appear on their search results. It seems that there are many issues preventing your site from being indexed by search engines like Google, thus making it difficult for your potential clients to discover your business online.

I’ve fixed many similar situations before. I can share with you some case studies I made from previous projects I had as examples to give you a better understanding of how this is done. Being on the first page of search results can significantly increase your profits. If you’d like to know more info, please reply to notify me, and I’ll gladly contact you over the phone so I can share with you some helpful and competent info about your site’s potential. Talk to you soon!

Jan Burgess
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