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Shannon Gordon

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Name: Shannon Gordon
Phone: 9069789263
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Are you just flat out tired of your website under-performing? I can change that! It can do so much better with my help in web design. Modern websites can help make businesses grow by attracting more potential clients and also engaging them to do business transactions online. With my 10 years of experience in freelance web design, I’ve seen cases where my clients who were open to new design ideas that suit their business needs gain a substantial amount of sales growth.

There’s always something to improve with your website, and I’ve seen that too. By taking a closer look at how your website was put together, I was able to identify key issues that are preventing it from being a better platform for your business and branding.

If you’d like to know more about my services, I’ll send you my portfolio and also some info about my rates. I’ll be able to give you a complimentary consultation to share some expert design ideas and to know about your ideas a well if you have any. Please inform me about the best time to call you. Talk soon!

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Shannon Gordon
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