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WoD – 09.18.2013

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I’m really excited at how well everyone is doing with training so far. We’re in our 3rd week, and now that everyone is sharing goals with us and we’re all getting to know one another you’ll notice the training/programming adjust to what our goals are.  It seems everyone wants to work on double unders, running, pushups, handstands/handstand pushups, muscle ups, etc.  so you’ll see a lot of skill/strength work and movements in workouts pop up to help us with those goals.  I’m also trying to add in other movements (Push Jerks today) that will help everyone get more familiar with what we’ll be doing in the future.  Here’s tomorrow:


For 15-20 Minutes

  • A1 – 5 Push Jerks
  • A2 – 5 Cast Wall Walks


Run 200M


  • Box Jumps/Step Ups (24/18)
  • Push Ups

Run 200M

Cast Wall Walks:

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