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WoD – Monday August 26th 2013

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This week we are getting things finalized to open the gym the first week of September.  We’re very excited.  There won’t be any more training at Johns house.  This week we’re going to post WoD’s on the website that you can do at home.  Post your rounds/times to the comments of the WoD post.  So here’s tomorrow’s workout:


10 Minutes:  Handstand Practice


“Death by 10 Meters”

Mark off 10 meters.  It’s roughly 33 feet.  On the first minute, run one 10 meter sprint and rest for the remaining minute.  On the second minute, run 2 10 Meter sprints and rest for the remaining minute.  On the third minute, run 3 10 meter sprints and rest for the remainder of the minute.  Continue to add one 10 meter sprint to each minute until you can’t run anymore in the allowed minute.  Your score is however many 10 meter sprints you can do in one minute.  So if you work up to 15 10 meter sprints before the minute runs out, your  score is 15.  Post scores to comments here.

Here’s a youtube video of another gym doing it that might help:

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